Salt Flat Ferrari’s

For any petrol head the Bonneville salt flat’s are halo’d ground. Every year at speedweek a few special individuals gather to push themselves and their cars to see how fast they can go. Everything is represented, from home built streamliners, to big money hotrods, to prancing horses.

The first Ferreri to make a name at the event was the spectre performance F40 in 2006. With a mildy modified turbo & intake it managed 232mph.

Next up was this infamous Enzo. Rebuilt after being wrecked, it features an 850bhp twin turbo setup. Despite claims of it being able to hit 300mph it ‘only’ managed 238mph.

Most recently at this years event was the Acat Global 575. The engine details have been kept secret but it was built to publicise the companies new catalytic converter.

Seeing as the car reached 216mph, up 14mph from stock i’m guessing the motor was near stock, with the extra speed coming from reduced drag afforded by the skinny wheels, improved aero and possibly the cat.

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